Being BOLD

Do you have to think before you do something bold? Or do you hesitate?

The adjective bold requires an absence of hesitation and a rush into the thick of things. To me with all the literature (especially the fantasies) which I have read, the very word bold seems to suggest some crazy action-packed sequence. Like Indiana Jones avoiding booby traps or an escape from the Nazis or astronauts battling against gruesome aliens.

But, it can also be those profound moments of everyday life. Like confessing your love to someone, standing up to a bully (or harder yet a friend) and disciplining a child although you just want to give in to short-term happiness.

I asked my 5 year-old daughter, Zebelle-Eve what bold means. In our native Trinidadian English she promptly replied, “Mummy that’s like when you see a spider, but you walk past it still although you see it already.” You see? Even that lack of hesitation is noted by a young child.

Whatever your particular stumbling block is today, please simply remember to be BOLD. Walk past those spiders, alien invaders, friends and enemies as if they don’t exist and continue on your path.



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